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Our In-House Plan

Coverage,  Exceptional Care!

Ensuring Your Dental Peace of Mind with Comprehensive Coverage!

 Our plan provides comprehensive oral health coverage to keep your smile healthy and vibrant!


Exclusive in-house plan just for you!

For only $300 per year, you'll receive

  • 2 Exams

  • 2 Cleanings

  • UNLIMITED X-rays

  • 20% off any dental treatment diagnosed by our dentist, Dr. Dai

We also offer the option to split the payment into two halves.

For half the year, you'll get:

  • 1 exam

  • 1 cleaning

  • UNLIMITED X-rays

  • 20% off any dental treatment

This plan is perfect for emergencies, ensuring coverage for focused treatment and still having a cleaning in your pocket!



"Don't miss out on this opportunity to maintain your dental health with Our In-House Insurance Plan!


Please Explore our FAQ to see which insurances we accept!"


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